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7 Fibro Memes That Speak the Truth

September 20, 2021

7 Fibro Memes That Speak the Truth

Fibromyalgia is ruthless, such a difficult chronic disease to live with. Here are seven spot on Fibro memes that speak truth.

Sarcastic fibromyalgia memes

Sarcasm is one of my coping mechanisms. Who else speaks sarcasm?

Funny fibro meme in purple with text "Asking Fibromyalgia patients if they're hurting, is like asking if Antartica is cold."

Ever heard the saying, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?" Well this is how we view it with a fibro lens on.

Sarcastic fibromyalgia meme in purple with text "Fibromyalgia won't kill us, it will just follow us around attacking us like wild dogs."

This one is not specifically aimed at Fibromyalgia, bit it fits ooh so well.

Sercastic Fibro memes in pink with crackled background and text "My body is a temple, ancient, crumbling, and probably haunted"

Funny fibro fog meme

A very common symptom of Fibromyalgia is fibro fog (also known as brain fog). This means you have trouble remembering words while speaking, forget where you put your stuff, what you were doing, and other similar cognitive issues.

Obviously we needed to make a funny fibro fog meme

Fibromyalgia joke meme on purple background with text "What did one person with Fibromyalgia say to the other? I don't know I can't remember."

Gia the Fibromyalgia Monster

Fibromyalgia is so prevalent in our lives, that sometimes it's hard to see yourself as seperate from your fibro. That's where the fibro monster Gia comes into play. She is the annoying friend that never leaves. 

She's funny too. She says " They said I could be anything. I became a barometer."

Funny fibro meme with Gia the Fibromyalgia monster on purple backgound and text "They said I could be anything. I became a barometer."


She also educates others. Tactile allodynia is one of the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia. This means a simple touch can hurt. The body perceives when something physically harmless physical happens, like someone  or something touching you (like clothes, water from the shower, touch, etc.)

Educational fibro meme with Gia the fibro monster on purple background with text: " Firbomyalgia: When the water from the shower hitting your skin actually hurts."

In all seriousness

Living with Fibromyalgia isn't funny, it's a disease that's all encompassing. The daily pain and fatigue is a lot to deal with. 

Fibromyalgia meme on purple background with text"Fibromyalgia... my house isn't clean. the dishes aren't done, laundry is piled up, gained 10lbs, no energy, I want to scream disorder."

In the end I believe it's better to laugh than to cry. Like I mentioned in the beginning, my coping mechaism is sarcasm.

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