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Chronic Asthma Awareness

April 22, 2018

Chronic Asthma Awareness

Looking for a way to increase Chronic Asthma awareness, or just want to show off your warrior pride? We can help you with that. The Unchargeables specializes in raising awareness for invisible illnesses and chronic pain. With our Chronic Illness shirts, clothing, and other gifts you can show on the outside how you feel within. Our designs include:

Fight Like an Asthma Warrior
 Fight Like an Asthma Warrior Unisex Shirt

Asthma Warrior Skull
Asthma Warrior Skull Sticker

Asthma Warrior Not For The Weak
 Asthma Warrior NFTW Necklace

Each specific disease has their own awareness ribbon. The awareness ribbon color for Chronic Asthma is Grey.

Grey Awareness Ribbon With Words Leather Charm Bracelet
Grey Awareness Ribbon With Words Leather Charm Bracelet

Each design has been made to celebrate the life of a Chargie with care by independent designers, and The Unchargeables team works hard to ensure all of the products we select are of the highest quality. More importantly, we like our products to be functional and comfortable for all chronic illness warriors!

Do you have a special request? You can simply email us and let us know so we can add it to the collection for you.

Check out our Chronic Asthma collection here for the entire product line.

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