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Four Funny Fibromyalgia Shirts

June 24, 2021

Four Funny Fibromyalgia Shirts

Fibromyalgia isn't funny to live with, the pain and exhausting are next level.

My motto is "It's better to laugh than to cry" and that's why I made funny Fibromyalgia shirts.

Let's see if you share my sense of humor.

First up, it's a fibro thing

There are so many things that are fibromyalgia related, they are very hard to understand for outsiders. It's a chronic disease that's invisible, making it super hard to relate to.

Hence the inspiration for "It's a Fibro thing, you wouldn't understand"

It's a fibro thing, funny fibro shirt


Fibromyalgia, I wouldn't recommend

The second shirt is a classic, the bad review. Because if you're honest this is definitely the review you'd give Fibromyalgia. I know it is the review I would give.

Fibromyalgia Bad review, funny shirt

Comments I get on this shirt from other fibro warriors is: "Can I give it 0 stars?"

I would if I could!


A fibro superpower?

We are all superheroes, living the way we live, with Fibromyalgia. Chronic pain every single day, and we still keep going. We are bad asses!

Every Fibro warrior has a superpower: it's invisible, not imaginary.

Fibromyalgia superpower, funny fibro shirt

The monster you see is our Fibromyalgia Chargimal Gia. Her full name is Fibrosaurus and she is one of the Chargimals. 


My fibro friend won't leave me alone

Although I absolutely adore Gia, I don't like what she represents. She is the annoying friend, that you didn't invite, and she won't leave you alone. Which gave me another idea for a shirt (because my brain never stops regardless of my brain fog).

My Fibro friend never leaves me alone, funny fibro shirt


Now that you have seen the shirt, let me know what you think. Do we share the same sense of humor?

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