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Meet Fibrosaurus our cute Fibromyalgia Monster

September 10, 2019

Meet Fibrosaurus our cute Fibromyalgia Monster

What's up, ya'll?  I'm Fibrosaurus, but ya'll can call me Gia. Purple is my favorite color and Foggy is my bestie. Fun fact: I have something that is referred to as an “invisible illness”.  It's so frustrating. Many people belief it's all in my head, but that's just not true. - Gia


Fibrosaurus aka Gia is The Chargimals monster that represents Fibromyalgia. She is a great conversation opener about the condition.You can use her to explain what living life with fibromyalgia is.


The hardest part about Fibromyalgia is that it's an invisible disease, people don't see on the outside that you are sick and in pain. By openening the conversation, you can educate people about yout live with fibro.


Like Amanda for example.

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You can also get this soft pillow to cuddle with on flare days:

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