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Meet Foggosaurus, the cute Brain Fog Monster

September 07, 2019

Meet Foggosaurus, the cute Brain Fog Monster

Hi! I'm Foggosaurus, or Foggy for short. I forget things because of brain fog. Do you have brain fog? What's the funniest thing you ever forgot? Oh yeah, I like the color pink and my best friend is Gia. I almost forgot to tell you that. - Foggy


Foggosaurus aka Foggy is The Chargimals monster that represents Brain Fog. Many diseases can cause brain fog. For example Lupus, MS, Fibromyalhia (also called Fibro fog) and many more. Medication often has brain fog as a side effect.


Foggosaurus is a great conversation opener about living with brain fog. You are not forgetful on purpose, it comes with the condition. 


Foggy gives us a cute and funny way of discussing brain fog openly. And why you suffer from it.


How about sharing a cup of coffee or tea with Foggosaurus?

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Or rest your head on her pillow

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