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Meet Our Cute Chiari Malformation Monster (great for kids!)

September 03, 2019

Meet Our Cute Chiari Malformation Monster (great for kids!)

Hi! My name is Chiarisaurus, but you can call me Zippy. My favorite color is purple and I love to eat ice cream. I like to hang out with my friends Pod, Annie and D but sometimes I get really bad headaches and need to take a nap. - Zippy


Chiarisaurus aka Zippy is The Chargimals monster that represents Chiari Malformation. Her nickname is Zippy because people with Chiari are also refered to as Zipperheads. This comes from the zipper shaped scar from the decompression surgery that most people with Chiari get.



Chiarisaurus is a great conversation opener about the condition. Children with Chiari Malformation as well as adults will be able to relate to her. 


You can get her on this soft pillow for example

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Or like Heather did on a shirt:

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