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Migraines are no joke!

February 07, 2019

Migraines are no joke!

Migraines are so hard to deal with! I thought I figured out what my migraine triggers were, but it turns out I didn't. After being migraine free for over a year, suddenly I got a monster migraine. It lasted for 9 days and I was completely bedbound. I coun't tolerate light or sound at all, and just stayed in the dark until it passed.

In the hourse that I was able to look at my phone, I made some images that show how I felt during that time.


Migraine's don't take days off

Migraines don't take days off

How lovely would it be to get a holiday from my body. To be able to really enjoy some time off from the fatigue and pain. If I ever get a wish, that would be the one I'd use.

My body is telling me NOPE

It can be super frustrating just laying there, waiting to feel better to do something, anything! But when I feel like this there is nothing else I can do but just wait. Rest and let my body heal from whatever it is fighting.


Singing songs to get better

When desperation hits, I start singing songs to not go crazy. Here is a song I came up with on the melody of the nursery rhyme rain rain go away:

Migraine go away song

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