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My fatigue is keeping me hostage

January 31, 2019

My fatigue is keeping me hostage

When my mind is clear but my body is fatigued, I am having a difficult time. Being chronically ill is a touch job in itself. Many days I am too tired to do anything, most of those days my brain is super foggy as well.

But the days in which I can think clearly, but am simply to fatigued to go anywhere are the worst. 


Fatigue is debilitating

I have been stuck in bed for a couple of months, and while not being able to move due to pain but being clear headed. I made some memes about how I feel.

I wish that I was able to sleep, wake up and feel better. Not this never ending feeling of being exhausted and nothing you do helps relieve it.

I'm tired of being tired


Waking up thinking you are having a good day

Many mornings I wake up and think that I'm ok that day. That I'm having a good day. But the opening my eyes and actually doing something part, turns out to be too much...

That I look fine doesn't mean I am fine


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