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Plus Size Leggings are Finally Here

June 24, 2019

Plus Size Leggings are Finally Here


When you have a chronic illness, you often struggle with weight. Which can go both ways, you either weigh too much, or you weight too little.

That brings a lot of frustration when visiting doctors, because a lot of times symptoms will be taken less seriously if there is a weight imbalance. Which is not fair since these weight imbalanced are most likely due to either the disease or the medication!

People with diseases like gastroparesis, diabetes and graves' disease are often underweight. While people with diseases like addisons disease, Hashimoto's disease and especially people on steroids are struggling with being overweight.

While we can not help you solve the weight issues, we CAN make you feel beautiful and heard at ANY weight.

That is why it is so important to have a range of sizes in the softest material possible. We already have most clothing in a wide range of sizes, but the leggings were still missing.

For a long time we searched for good quality plus size leggings with great difficulty, but finally they are here!

Leggings are now available from sizes small up to 6XL. 

Show them on the outside how you feel within - regardless of your size

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