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The Things Brain Fog Do With You

August 21, 2018

What Brain Fog  Makes you do

Brain Fog is that mist in your head that just doesn't want to go away. The thing that makes you forget the simplest words mid-sentence. The monster that hides all your things, like your car keys and your phone.  

One thing is clear, all Chargies suffer from some level of brain fog. These are the things for which you can blaim Brain Fog.

1. Totally forgetting appointments
Brain Fog meme forgot appointment

2. Thinking you already did something, when you didn't...
Brain Fog meme forgot to send the cards

3.Loosing your keys over and over again.
Brain Fog Meme lost my car keys again

4.Ooooh that is why I'm so hungry...
Brain Fog meme forgot my dinner

5. Didn't I just go grocery shopping, why is the fridge so empty?
Brain Fog meme left the groceries in the shop

It happens to all of us! You are not alone!

We have an entire brain fog line here in the shop. Funny designs like my brain is experiencing difficulties, please wait....

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