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Copy of The Chargimals

Who are the Chargimals?

The Chargimals are cute looking monsters that each represent a physical or mental health condition or general symptom. They live in Chargieville (an alternate universe) with the Normberts (the healthy people) . They have all sorts of adventures together. With caution obviously, they are always low on energy like us.

Maybe you just like the way a specific Chargimal looks, but you do not have the disease it is associated with. No problem! There are also items available without any text, so you can collect them all!

Click on he image you like and all the products with that image will appear.

Addisons Monster

Addisons Monster


Ankylosing Spondylitis Monster

 anxiety monster

Anxiety monster


Brain Fog Monster


Celiac Disease Monster

 Chiari Malformation Monster

Chiari Malformation Monster

 chronic fatigue monster

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Monster

 Chronic Kidney Stone Monster

Chronic Kidney Stone Monster


Chronic Pain Monster


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Monster

Depression Monster


Diabetes Monster

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Monster


Endometriosis Monster

 fatigue monster

Fatigue Monster


Fibromyalgia Monster

Gastroparesis Monster

graves monster

Graves Disease Monster


Hashimoto Disease Monster


Inflammatory Bowel Disease Monster


Interstitial cystitis Monster

  lupus monster

Lupus Monster

  lyme monster

Lyme Disease Monster

 migraine monster

Migraine Monster 

Misdiagnosis Monster

ms monster

Multiple Sclerosis Monster


Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Monster


PCOS Monster


Psoriasis & PsA Monster

 ra monster

Rheumatoid Arthritis Monster


Scleroderma Monster


Trigeminal Neuralgia Monster




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