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Pin Box Club


Get a Chargimals Pin Box with a different theme every month!
You will get 5-6 goodies in total: one exclusive pin, 2 inspirational cards, a small coloring pages, and one or two surprise goodies for example a sticker, a magnet, a bookmark, a button, or something else exciting.

You get two of the same inspirational cards, one for yourself and one for a family member or a friend. Cause love needs to be shared ❤️


  • Goodies based around one theme, including the exclusive pin.
  • 2 inspirational cards to lift your mood
  • Digital phone wallpapers
  • Access to our exclusive members only discord server
  • Digital Chargimals story a month
  • Behind the scenes footage and stories.
  • Access to the secret shop with past pin box items and more!
  • This is a membership through Patreon. Plans renew automatically. You may cancel at any time.

---- Why is the pin exclusive? ----
The pins are made in limited quantities. When the tier is sold out they are gone and you won't be able to get it anymore.

---- How do I know what the theme of the month is? ----

Every month I do a theme reveal here on Patreon. The post is open for everyone to see, you don't have to be a paid member. Make sure you follow this page to stay up to date.

---- When will I receive my Pin Box? ----
The first week of the month the pin boxes are being sent out. Depending on your location you can expect to receive it in the second or third week of the month. (Depending on postal services)

---- How do I sign up? ----

You can pick a tier right there on Patreon. To get the monthly pin box you should pick the pin box tier. 

Go to the pin box on Patreon

(this will take you to an external page)

"If you ever need a pick me up, The Chargimals is the way to go. Love love love my goodies" - Vanessa.


"Love The Chargimals pin box. The sticker is definitely going on my suitcase! I still need to find a place for the pin though " - Katharina.
"I got my Chargimals patreon package last night and it was so full of goodies! Stickers, pins, magnets, prints, and purple recyclable confetti! I got two cards, so I turned one into a postcard for my friend who needs to have this message! - Marie
"Love the things they pick to send always makes my day when I get it in the mail so glad I am part of part of this page and all that goes with it" - Shelbie B.